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Palm Tree Climate

Palm Trees and Temperature..
Before a customer considers purchasing palm trees, it is very important to understand the climate that the trees are suited for and will ultimately survive in. This understanding is the first step that we consider imparitive for all of our customers. Palm Trees are known for their tollerance to heat, as well as drought. All Palm varieties supplied by Desert Empire Palms are well adapted to living in the southern United States, where the temperature remains warm year round. Our palm tree groves are grown in the most ideal climate in the country. This fact makes choosing a palm trees grown in California, especially the Coachella Valley, an excellent option for anyone living on the west coast. They thrive in the areas on the map shaded by light green (7b) and below, including the west coast. The biggest growth areas are seen in Texas, Florida, and California.


Palm Trees and Rain.
Why choose California palm trees over palm trees grown in Texas or Florida? The answer is simple: Rain. Palm trees prefer to absorb water through their roots. When a palm tree is grown outside of a dry nursery climate for over ten, fifteen, and even twenty years, they are often externally damaged by rainfall. According to the Coachella Valley Water District the average annual percipitation for the Coachella Valley is three inches. This places the Coachella Valley in the Dark Red category featured in the map to the right. This means that the Desert Empire Palms nurseries are located in the most ideal location for growing palm trees in the entire country. This area should be called Date Land.