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Deglet Date Palms

The Phoenix Dactylifera.


Diamond Cut.

A popular service is to have
"diamond cut" carved into the
date palms. This is a service that
most of our customers opt for.
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Date Palms
Before "Diamond Cut"

Date Palms
After "Diamond Cut"

Desert Empire Palms- Palm Trees for sale -All sizes and cuts
  • Botanical Name: Phoenix Dactylifera

  • Trunk Type: Solitary and clumping, tall and thin with persistent leaf scars

  • Leaf Type: Spiky grey green 9 ft. long leaves

  • Fruit/Flowering: White flowers, yellow brown fruit, about 5cm long and oblong, females can produce 200 pounds of fruit annually

  • Mature Size: Up to 60 ft. tall, 25 ft. spread, 2 1/2 ft. diameter

  • Climate: Warm arid