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Palm Fronds tied together at the top

Fronds tied together?
It is common practice when transplanting a mature palm tree to tie the fronds together at the top. Before taking a palm tree out to a customer, a team member attaches a thin piece of rope to one of the fronds and begins to wrap the fronds until they are standing vertically.

Desert Empire Palms Farm bundle
Desert Empire Palms Farm crane

Why we do it.
We tie the fronds together for multiple reasons. The first reason is that tying the fronds together makes it easy to work with the palm tree, as well as stack it on a truck. The second reason is to protect the heart of the tree from sun when it is most vulnerable, after transplant.

When to Untie.
As a general rule of thumb, we recommend keeping the fronds tied for two months. They can be untied sooner if the palm tree shows signs of good health. The health of recently transplanted palm trees is indicated by the growth of new fronds from the center. If the center fronds begin to grow taller than the ones on the outside of the tied bundle, then you can cut them free, as this is a sign that the roots are taking to the new soil and the tree is not in shock from the move.

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