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The Mexican Fan Palm - The Washingtonia Robusta

Robusta (27)

Desert Empire Palms is currently running a special where we are selling all Mexican Fan Palms above 20' tall for $250 dollars each! 

This is a great deal for your tree, as you are buying about a decade of growth for a minimal cost. These trees would normally cost in the $500-700 dollar range, so take advantage of this two for the price of one deal.

Q: Why are you selling these Mexican Fan Palms for such a cheap price? 
A: We are trying to clear out the field to specialize in date production. Our taller robustas are shading out the dates and lowering our fruit production. 

Take advantage of this deal while supply lasts!

The Image above features trees in the size of the special.

The image to the left features trees that would normally cost about the $200 dollar price. As you can see, you are getting a great deal!

The image below is an example of what one of our customers did with the special. He bought 10 trees for a total of $2500.00 and built a luscious wall for privacy!

The project ended up looking great. 

Robusta (33)

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