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Palm Tree Pricing

Price Per Foot.
Palm trees are measured and sold by the "trunk foot." This is the standard established by The American Nursery Standard Institute. The palm tree industry measures palms based off of the brown-trunk-height. Refer to our Measurement page to learn the industry standard for measuring palm trees.

Price Per Breed.
The price per foot is different for every breed of palm tree, but the most expensive and saught after tree is the Medjool Date Palm. This tree produces a delicious fruit and is debatably the most aesthetic palm tree. The Deglet Noor is the second most valuable tree. This tree produces fruit that is used in major food production operations. The California Filifera is the third most valuable palm tree. This tree is a very slow growing palm tree with a very large trunk base. The cheapest palm tree for sale at Desert Empire Palms is the Mexican Fan Palm. This palm tree grows relatively fast and has a thin trunk base.

Desert Empire Palms Palm Tree Installation