How Mexican Fan Palms Add Style to Your Landscape

How Mexican Fan Palms Add Style to Your Landscape

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Palm trees symbolize comfort and safety in every desert oasis, whether in movies or when you finally make it to your desert vacation. They signal to cross-country travelers that they have finally reached warm weather.

From the Las Vegas strip to the West Coast beaches, landscaping with palm trees creates a vision of opulence, grandeur, and a stately yet tropical look. The expert Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms can help you create the desert oasis of your landscaping dreams. Whether lining your driveway with beautiful Mexican Fan Palms or designing a palm tree focal point in your backyard, our team can help.

Find Mexican Fan Palms for sale in Coachella Valley, along with several other palm varieties, at Desert Empire Palms. Call us today to learn more.

Why Plant Mexican Fan Palms?

Mexican Fan Palms, with their sky-high fronds and strong cylindrical trunk, draw the eye up to the sky. They embody the tropical, carefree vibe of a vacation getaway, the perfect addition to a backyard designed for entertaining or relaxing.

They are a great dividing plant between backyard zones or can create direction along a long driveway. Whether used to create different areas of focus or greet guests, these grand palms are a good choice.

Mexican Fan Palms are especially tolerant of desert climates, like ours in the Coachella Valley, and as high drought, warm weather tolerant they can even do well planted in non-irrigated areas. They are low maintenance and do well with yearly professional trimming as they grow out of reach.

Although Mexican Fan Palm leaves are rough and less uniform than other palm varieties, they are a great option for desert planting, because:

  • They handle planting in sand or clay
  • They are one of the most adaptable palms
  • They grow well in shade or full sun
  • They are a symbol of California’s iconic lifestyle

Thriving Mexican Fan Palms for Sale at Desert Empire Palms

When you are ready to elevate your landscape with Mexican Fan Palms, call the Coachella Valley palm growers at Desert Empire Palms. Our team of palm tree experts can help you determine the size of the tree that fits your needs, help determine the variety that matches your vision, and answer your palm tree questions. Once you purchase your palm, we can also deliver and install it, so you don’t have to worry about how to get it home or how to plant it.

Call the Coachella Valley palm tree sellers at Desert Empire Palms to bring your Mexican Fan Palm ideas into reality. We have Mexican Fan Palms for sale, delivery, and installation in the Coachella Valley and beyond.