About our Coachella Valley Palm Experts at Desert Empire Palms

4th Generation Founders, Owners, & Growers

With a mission to grow, nurture, and produce the most beautiful palms in the Coachella Valley, Melkes journeyed to the low desert in 1940 to complete the task at hand. With an understanding that premium, well cared for soil is key to stunning, fruitful palms, our great-grandfather developed, reworked, and perfected his practice until only strong, thriving, and abundant palms were the only palms produced on his fields. This commitment to sophisticated care is what has and continues to set Desert Empire Palms apart from other growers since.

A New Generation Takes Over—Then Another

Years later, Melke’s son, “Buddy,” known to us as “grandpa,” took over his legacy, only then passing the practice to Bobby Sr, our dad. Though the transitions were seamless, the practice of growing California’s most beautiful palms only exceeded the expectations of our industry. Today, the team of Coachella Valley palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms is made up of our team of siblings, Bobby Jr., Matthew, and Kallie—the family’s fourth generation of palm tree growers who will continue the legacy our grandfather once began.

Our Palms are Grown with Love and Science-Proven Methods

As the years go by, we continue to learn more about these unique plants and ceaselessly develop techniques that allow us to better understand how these palms function, survive, and thrive once arriving to their new homes. In doing so, we have developed a unique system of growing palms that ensures faster growth, eliminating the possibility of insect infestation and disease.

Each year, we test the soil by hiring accredited Agronomists who provide independent assays of our soil, allowing us to make precise changes when needed. We then adjust our proprietary, time-tested nutrients to our palms, allowing us to produce stronger and more robust palms. Each sale of palms is inspected and prepared for proper transport, using our proven procedures to ensure that your palm arrives healthy and happy and ready for planting.

A Commitment to Striving for Perfection

At Desert Empire Palms, we believe that perfection must be continuously sought out. That is why we work around the clock to ensure our customers not only reap the benefits of gorgeous palms on their properties but that they also enjoy the delicious fruits produced by our palms.

Each palm, whether it is one of one or one of many, is a symbol of our family’s legacy and a tribute to our great-grandfather’s passion. We are lucky to share our passion with every customer and hope that they can enjoy each palm for the entirety of its life.

See and taste the Desert Empire Palms difference that our attention to detail provides.

— The Melkesian family of growers

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