Canary Island Palms for Sale

Desert Empire Palms Grows Beautiful Canary Island Palms

A beautiful, flowering plant often used in decorative landscape designs, the Canary Island Palm Tree is perfect for residential or commercial projects. With full growth up to 65 feet tall, this palm provides a stunning focal point for your property.

Once you choose the palm tree that is perfect for your landscaping project, Desert Empire Palms can deliver your Canary Island Palm to your location. Our Coachella Valley palm tree experts have decades of experience in cultivating thriving palms, so you can have confidence that you are receiving a healthy, gorgeous Canary Island Palm.

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Canary Island Palm Appearance

Height and Trunk of the Canary Island Palm

This palm tree is substantial in size, reaching heights of 30-65 feet tall, with occasional growth reaching over 100 feet tall. Their trunk is large and solitary, with a grayish-brown hue. The trunk is usually covered in diamond-shaped leaf bases. These are slow-growing palms, typically reaching around 30 feet in height by 60 years of age.

Canopy and Fronds

The fronds of the Canary Island Palm are feathery and grand, growing to sizes up to 18 feet long. Each dark green leaf is covered in 80-100 rows of leaflets. The lower half of each stem is covered in 2–3-inch spines. They grow in an arching canopy made of 40-50 leaves.

Canary Island Palms are often pruned and trimmed to accentuate their appearance. When pruned, the bottom of the crown, or the nut, resembles a pineapple. This look has earned the alternate name of Pineapple Palm.

Flowers and Fruit

Small flowers bloom on branched stalks on this palm tree. The female palm flowers soon bear fruit that is yellow-orange and brown or even dark purple fruits. The fruit is oval or round, approximately ½ inch in diameter, and contains one large seed. These fruits are grown in clusters.

Considered a date, it is pulpy or fleshy in texture and is edible but is not enjoyable like other date species. The flavor of the Canary Island palm fruit is unpleasant.

Growing and Maintaining Your Canary Island Palm

The Canary Date palm is propagated by seed. This palm originates in the Canary Islands and is traditionally grown in Mediterranean climates, where winters are wet. They may also be cultivated in wet-summer or high-humidity, subtropical climates.

These palms grow well in full sun but can survive in partial shade. They prefer well-draining soil and moderate watering. Be aware that these are slow-growing palms, with their standard maximum size at 50-60 feet tall and 15-20 feet wide.

Maintaining the palm is fairly easy. Dead leaves will need to be pruned to keep their shape and appearance. Proper pruning will create the pineapple-shaped nut at the base of the fronds.

Buy Thriving Canary Island Palms At Desert Empire Palms

As one of our many palm varieties, the Canary Island Palm is one that we are proud to offer at Coachella Valley’s Desert Empire Palms. Our palm growers and sales team have years of experience in cultivating healthy, thriving palm trees. We are happy to answer your questions about the growth and maintenance of the Canary Island Palm or any of our other palm species.

Let the team of Coachella Valley palm experts at Desert Empire Palms help you choose the perfect palm for your landscape design. We can deliver your Canary Island Palm to its new location, so you don’t have to worry about how you will get it home. Whether part of a business landscape project or as a focal point at your home, the Canary Island Palm is a wonderful addition.

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