Medjool Date Palms for Sale

Everything You Need to Know about Medjool Date Palms

The Medjool Date Palm, a well-known cold hardy palm tree, fruits two to three time a year and is as beautiful as it is delicious, making them a favorite amongst date-lovers and palm tree lovers alike! Commonly referred to as the “feather palm,” this gorgeous palm gets its name from the fruit it produces. Its scientific name translates to the Phoenix Dactylifera, meaning “Date Bearing,” and derives from the Greek word Daktylos, which means “finger,” and fero, which means “I bear.” The word “finger” is used to represent the Medjool Date Palm’s dates due to the elongated shape of its fruit.

Where Do Medjool Date Palms Thrive?

As the cold hardiest of the date palm varieties, the Medjool Date Palm can be planted and thrive from California to Arizona and Nevada, to New Mexico, from Florida to Texas, to Louisiana, and even in states as east as South Carolina. In addition, because the Medjool Date Palm is extremely saltwater tolerant, this palm is typically the top choice for use near pools, homes, hotels, and near beaches.

Medjool Date Palms are Perfect Landscaping Beauties

Medjool Date Palms are being widely planted today for their tropical landscape appeal. These regal date palms have become a very popular choice for both residential and commercial landscape designs. Due to the hardiness of these palms and due to their natural grace and beauty, Medjool Date Palms are often used for landscaping and property design—bringing a tropical vibe to any property.

For those looking to take their residential or commercial properties to the next level, opt in for our “Diamond Cut.” Before delivery, the trunks of the palms will be given a diamond cut to improve the aesthetics and provide texture. Of course, you can choose to keep your palms in their original condition as well.

The Medjool Palm’s striking regal appearance, natural beauty, and easy maintenance make these palms a prime choice for those seeking to improve the look of their property.


The Medjool Date Palm’s leaflets are categorized as evergreen monocots, leaving them green year-round. The leaves are 13-20 feet long, and the leaflets, which form a “V” shape down the stem (also known as the rachis), reach about one to two feet long. Typically, there are about 150 leaflets per leaf.

The petiole, which is the stem that attaches the leaf to the trunk, is considered “false” because it contains 3 to 4-inch thorns that are actually modified leaflets. While most commercial growers remove spines when harvesting, it is important to use extreme caution when handling this area of the palm.

Canopy & Spread

Medjool Date Palms have a larger and denser canopy when compared to the Deglet Noor Palm, which has a canopy that is sparser and more open with fewer fronds.

The Medjool’s canopy will spread to approximately 25 feet after the initial establishment period. These silvery, blue-green fronds can grow up to 15’ long and 2’ wide, creating about a 30-foot diameter spread on the largest palms. For this reason, landscape spreads can vary anywhere between 25-40 feet. These fronds typically stay on the palm for roughly three to seven years.


Medjool Date Palms are considered low maintenance. Our team at Desert Empire Palms suggests trimming the Medjool palm once a year around the end of May. This will provide the palms’ yearly maintenance and ensure the palm doesn’t grow unwanted fruit that will drop to the floor.

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