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The Majestic Mexican Fan Palm: Your Landscape Centerpiece

Known for its ease of growth, the Mexican Fan Palm is a classic resort-style palm tree that has a wide variety of landscape applications. This majestic, towering palm is a beautiful addition to your desert landscape, adding height to draw the eye up to our beautiful skies.

The Mexican Fan Palm is also known as the Washingtonia Robusta (scientific name), Washington Palm, or the Petticoat Palm. With a limited natural habitat along the riverbanks of a few canyons located in Sonora and Baja, these Southern California icons are perhaps one of the most commonly planted palm trees around the world.

Despite their limited natural occurrence, this relatively scarce palm tree is considered one of the most widely grown palms throughout the world because of its hardiness, ability to live in a variety of soils, and fast growth rates.

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The Mexican Fan Palm’s Appearance

Height of the Mexican Fan Palm

The Mexican Fan Palm commonly grows to 40-50 feet high, but some specimen palms can grow up to 70-100 feet. A typical year’s growth is 2 feet under normal conditions, but some can grow up to 4 feet per year.

Trunk Appearance and Size

A Mexican Fan trunk is slender, solitary, and slightly curved with a reddish-brown color, but will weather to a light gray over time. The trunk of the Mexican Fan Palm tapers from nearly two feet in diameter at the base to as little as eight inches near the crown of older specimens.

Frond Spread

The frond spread of these trees ranges between 12 and 15 feet and forms a crown that is slightly taller than it is wide. A healthy Mexican Fan Palm Crown should have about 30 leaves and can produce up to 50 leaves per year. The fronds persist on the tree after they die forming a dense, brown, shaggy covering, or “Hula Skirt” below the crown, and explain the Mexican Fan Palms alternative name, Petticoat Palm.

Hardiness of the Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palms are known for their hardiness. They are salt resistant, drought tolerant, resist pests easily, and can live in various soil types including sand, clay, and loam. It is important to note that these palms are not as drought tolerant as many think. Despite their need for adequate water, the soil must drain for the tree to do well. The Mexican Fan Palm is tolerant of a wide range of PH, but soil that is not too acidic is preferable for optimal growth.

Mexican Fan Palm Maintenance

The main thing Mexican Fan Palm owners will need to keep in mind is tree trimming. Once a tree gets taller than around 25 feet a professional tree pruner is needed to remove the old fronds. We suggest trimming the Mexican Fan Palm in late spring or early summer just after the tree has produced its fruit and flower. Trimming during this time allows trimmers to remove old fronds, fruit, and flora all at once.

It is common practice to over-prune the Mexican Fan Palm, leaving just a few fronds in the crown. We highly discourage doing this. Trees that are repeatedly pruned in this way will lose their vigor, and the upper trunk can risk the crown dying or breaking off in high winds. We suggest leaving at least 50% of the green fronds intact to prevent death or breakage.

Few nutrient problems occur in the Mexican Fan Palms, but potassium deficiency is common in this species, where it causes leaf discoloration and premature death of the oldest leaves. Avoid removing discolored leaves as the tree can drain potassium out of them when sources of potassium in the soil are insufficient.

Desert Empire Palms Completes Your Landscape With the Mexican Fan Palm

The Mexican Fan Palm gives your garden or landscape a tropical, resort-like feel. These trees can make a dramatic statement in grand landscapes and add a natural touch to multi-storied homes. This palm tree is ultimately ideal for large properties, along streets, and to add vertical effects to any garden.

Desert Empire Palms offer a variety of sizes of Mexican Fan Palms, and our palm experts can help you choose what will be the best fit for your project. We recommend highlighting their grand statuesque appearance with landscape night lighting for the added wow factor! We grow small to large Mexican Fan Palms on our farms.

Give us a call if you want Desert Empire Palms to help turn your home into a tropical resort! Our Mexican Fan Palms are perfect for your property.

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