Inspecting Your Palm Trees: When to Call an Arborist

Inspecting Your Palm Trees: When to Call an Arborist

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Palm trees thrive in subtropical climates, swaying in the breeze near ocean walks, but many people choose palm trees to create a resort ambiance at home. So, when you take the palm trees from the beach to the backyard, you must make sure they look good and are healthy to keep that ambiance alive. Maintaining healthy palm trees in various climates presents different challenges with upkeep. It is imperative to watch for signs your palm trees need help.

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What to Watch for in Your Coachella Valley Grown Palms

Palm trees drop fronds relatively frequently which provides many opportunities to keep a close eye on your palm’s health as you clear the fronds away. Just as all other trees, palms are susceptible to threats and diseases which can be detrimental to their survival, so the resolution of issues is critical. Taking time to examine your palms when they drop fronds can help you to prevent disease, diagnose issues, and resolve problems when they arise.

Damaged midribs are one sign that you should call an arborist. A full palm tree branch is called a frond, and the midrib is what connects the fronds to the trunk. The midrib is a vital part of a palm tree because they are responsible for the transportation of nutrients gathered by the tree’s leaves. Damaged midribs can play a significant role in the palm’s health and if recognized, you should contact a professional to rectify the situation.

An easy way to know if your palm tree is struggling is to examine the fronds. Fronds should range from bright green to dark, deep green, so any deviation from these colors on a young, upright frond could indicate an issue. Call an arborist to do a deeper examination of the tree if you notice several fronds showing discoloration. Sometimes, simply removing excess fronds can alleviate problems, however, it is beneficial to check with a professional to make sure discoloration is not a sign of a bigger issue.

Palm trees are susceptible to disease like any other tree. Leaf spots, graphiola fungus, and butt rot are a few of the common diseases that can present a risk to palm trees. Some problems are easy to treat whereas others are difficult and may result in needing to be removed. To determine the best course of action, and to keep your palms thriving and beautiful, don’t hesitate to call an arborist and request an inspection.

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