Mexican Fan Palms Versus California Fan Palms

Incorporating palm trees into your existing landscape or new landscape design can create a tropical, regal esthetic for your home or business. Mexican Fan Palms and California Fan Palms are two species we carry at Desert Empire Palms in Coachella Valley. With four generations of palm tree cultivation as our guide, our fan palm experts can help you choose the perfect tree for your needs. These two tree varieties might look the same to an untrained eye, but several differences may influence your purchase decision.

With size, frond breadth, and leaf appearance in mind, your landscape design comes to life by choosing the perfect match. Our palm tree delivery and installation team can bring your palm tree dreams from artwork to real life. Call on the Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms to discuss which fan palm will work for you and learn how we can help you from start to finish.

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The Esthetic of Mexican Fan Palms

Mexican fan palms are a grand addition to any desert landscape design. Their height and canopy create an appealing, tropical view drawing the eyes up to the sky. Mexican Fan Palms grow to between 70 and 100 feet tall with a frond canopy of 12 to 15 feet. Their solitary, clumping trunk is typically two feet around and may grow in a slightly curved direction. The fronds of the Mexican Fan Palm leaves are spiky and green with an individual frond length of four to eight feet. These palms produce flowers and pollen in late spring.

California Fan Palms’ Visual Appeal

Compared to Mexican Fan Palms, California Fan Palms are the shorter, stalky species of the fan palm. California Fan Palms grow to between 49 and 66 feet tall. Their fronds create a canopy that reaches 20 to 30 feet in diameter. The trunk of the California Fan Palm is wider than many other palms, at three to four feet around. Its trunk is thick and clumping, a solitary trunk that stands sturdy to support the large canopy. The leaves of this palm variety are spiky and a grey-green color with an 8 to 12-foot frond length. Like the Mexican Fan Palm, the California Fan Palm produces white flowers and pollen in the late spring.

Desert Empire Palms: Your Fan Palm Destination

The striking, sturdy fan palm variations of palm trees add a tropical, eye-catching appeal to your home or business landscape. Our Mexican Fan Palm and California Fan Palm sales team is here to help you determine which species will suit your design, and our installers can complete that vision. Our Mexican Fan Palms and California Fan Palms are grown with the care and expertise that only dedicated growers provide. We take pride in providing only the best in all of our palm tree species, with decades of experience in cultivation and planting.

When you want the best in palm tree sales, delivery, and installation, trust the growers at Desert Empire Palms in Coachella Valley to get the job done. Our team is available to answer your questions, provide extensive expertise, and bring your palm tree dreams to life.

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