The Benefits of Purchasing a Mature Palm

The Benefits of Purchasing a Mature Palm | Desert Empire Palms

If you want to add palm trees to your landscaped property, you may be surprised to hear that usually, your best option is to purchase a mature tree to transplant. The palm tree’s slow growth and finicky germination requirements make for a long, difficult process when growing from a seed or seedling, and a limited amount of young palm species are suited as indoor plants (with only one species of date palm suitable for indoor growth).

However, at Desert Empire Palms, we know that planting mature palm trees can be an overwhelming investment for your property. Luckily, palm tree installation when purchasing new mature palms for your property couldn’t be easier with our premier customer service options and generations of knowledge of cultivating palms in the Coachella Valley. Read on to understand why purchasing a mature palm is the way to go!

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What is the Difference Between a Young Palm and a Mature Palm?

It takes up to four years for a date palm to grow from seed – and even longer to fully mature into a fruit-bearing tree at its full size (up to eight years for some date palm species!). While most people will not attempt to grow a palm tree from seed for landscaping purposes, the sheer logistics and cost of purchasing mature palm trees can often lead some to question if a young palm tree can be supplemented for landscaping.

The answer is yes, however, there are some key differences between young and mature palms. There are some risks to planting a young palm that may lead to an unsuccessful landscaping attempt. These challenges include:

  • The palm species’ mature size must be considered to ensure there is enough room for it to grow. Often, this is incorrectly guessed, and the palm tree will later need to be uprooted and moved if planted too close to structures, concrete, or other trees.
  • Young palms are more sensitive to sunlight – this can complicate the location of where to plant, as it may be clear how much sunlight the tree will get at full height.
  • Young palms have higher watering demands.
  • Young palms need to start in containers before transplanting into the soil.

Benefits of Purchasing a Mature Palm

There are many benefits to choosing to plant mature palms from Desert Empire Palms! In general, a mature palm tree installed by professionals comes with a higher guarantee of success in terms of your landscaping goals. For example:

  1. When planting a mature tree, you can often get a better idea of your final landscaping result, ensuring the location works for your selected palm species and size.
  2. Watering, proper light, and other needed maintenance are already understood from day one, resulting in a low-risk landscaping addition.
  3. Mature palms can be transplanted directly from the growing fields when you purchase or from other areas of your property, rather than being delivered in a container.
  4. Mature palms are known for their hardiness; there is less risk of shock or failure when planting a mature palm versus trying to grow from seed or starting with a young palm in a container.
  5. Transplanting is usually successful without too much stress – especially when you purchase from a high-quality grower like Desert Empire Palms.

Purchasing Mature Palm Trees from Desert Empire Palms

As multi-generational growers, Desert Empire Palms understands the importance of palm tree care from seed to maturity. That’s why we encourage taking the opportunity to include delivery and installation along with the purchase of your mature palm tree.

At Desert Empire Palms, we have several options for delivery, do-it-yourself delivery, and in-house (local) delivery and installation. Installation is available for:

  • Palm Springs
  • Cathedral City
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Indian Wells
  • Palm Desert
  • La Quinta
  • Bermuda Dunes
  • Indio
  • Coachella

The expert team at Desert Empire Palms is dedicated to providing the Coachella Valley with the information and assistance they need to purchase and install or transplant existing mature palm trees. We look forward to making your landscaping dreams come true!

For more information about purchasing mature palm trees, contact the Coachella Valley palm tree sellers at Desert Empire today!