What Makes Canary Island Palms So Special?

What Makes Canary Island Palms So Special?

One of the latest additions to the Desert Empire Palms selections, the Canary Island Palm stands out as one of our most spectacular palm trees available. It is rare to find these trees in nurseries, as they take decades to grow to their desired height. Because of this, these are an exciting find and are a grand choice for your landscape design.

Our team of palm tree cultivators at Desert Empire Palms is here to help you choose the palm tree that fits your needs, whether for a home installation or business application. We are happy to offer Canary Island Palms, Medjool, Deglet Date Palms, and Mexican and California Fan Palms. You are sure to find the perfect palm tree for the look you desire.

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The Rare Canary Island Palm

Because Canary Island Palms are rare in Southern California and take decades to grow, they are not typically cultivated in nurseries or grown from seed to sell. It can take up to 80 years for the Canary Island Palm to reach its full height of 60 feet, with a trunk spanning 3 feet in diameter. This slow growth makes their cultivation a lofty endeavor.

Many nurseries depend on tree spotters to find and purchase these beautiful palms. What this means is that for larger, expansive projects that require several palms to complete, the trees can get quite expensive. A full-grown tree may even cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Many of the Canary Island Palms that you see in nurseries were once an unwanted nuisance for an unsuspecting homeowner. Perhaps they didn’t realize what they had or it was destroying their landscape or sidewalk. Luckily, these trees can be excavated and brought to a nursery to be pruned and taken care of, turning them into the beautiful trees they are today.

The Desert Oasis and Canary Island Palms

Despite their slow growth and difficulty to find, these palms are incredibly hearty. They have been known to pop us as part of a desert oasis, adapting to their harsh surroundings and continuing to grow. It has been included in luxury landscapes for over 200 years.

Find Canary Island Palms at Desert Empire Palms

A Canary Island Palm, also known as a Pineapple Palm, is a majestic choice for your home or business landscape. Visit the Desert Empire Palms nursery to discuss your design, learn about the Canary Island Palm, and purchase your palm tree. We can deliver your tree directly to your location so you don’t have to worry about third-party transportation or how it will get to you.

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