4 Ways to Protect Your Palm Trees from Winter Temps

4 Ways to Protect Your Palm Trees from Winter Temps

Protect Your Palm Trees from Sudden Storms with Help from Desert Empire Palms

Although the temperatures in the Coachella Valley may not drop below freezing often, and we don’t get a lot of snow, it is still helpful to know how to protect your outdoor plants from cold weather. Being ready when sudden storms approach can help keep your palm trees healthy and happy all winter long. Palm tree care all year long will ensure you have beautiful, healthy palms for decades to come.

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Palm Trees?

Cold weather alone is not always bad and can help them move into dormancy while growing cold-hardy for next year, but sudden drops and extreme change can be dangerous.

Severe cold weather can cause major damage to plants, trunks, and roots, especially when temperatures drop suddenly or a major storm rolls in unexpectedly. Harsh, cold weather slows down palm tree growth and root development as well as damage the heart of the palm tree if not protected.

Damage to the heart of the palm tree limits its ability to grow leaves with enough water, leading to death as this connective tissue will not regenerate after the damage is done.

4 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Palm Trees

If you want to be prepared this winter, read the tips below and be ready to protect your new palm trees. Here are four ways to protect your palm tree, its trunk, and its roots against extreme cold and severe storms.

  1. Protect your palm tree before the cold so it can be better equipped to endure a storm by giving it the best treatment in spring and summer. Fertilization and sufficient nutrients will help your palm trees be more cold-tolerant. The key is to fertilize before and during the growing season and to stop early enough to prevent continued growth during the cold season.
  2. Laying down a layer of heavy mulch can help protect the roots of the palm, using an extra 4-6 inches over what you usually apply. This will increase the roots’ insulation and help the tree to retain water.
  3. If you are worried about a storm approaching, you can wrap your palm tree, typically done when temperatures will drop below freezing for 24 hours or longer. (This may not happen often, but it is better to be safe than sorry.) You can use frost cloth, burlap, or other synthetic material blankets with rope or straps. Wrap your tree from the bottom up, covering the tree completely. The most critical part to wrap is where the fronds grow out from the trunk, known as the heart of the tree. Secure your wrap tightly using the rope and weights if needed.
  4. Your palm tree may not absorb enough water if the soil and weather are dropping to extreme cold, categorized as the soil below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so water with lukewarm water to help absorption. This will heat the soil and help to increase water intake in these conditions.

Desert Empire Palms is Your Source of Beautiful Palm Trees in the Coachella Valley

Your new palm trees are an integral part of your landscape at your home or business location, so taking care of them in all seasons will be part of your maintenance routine. Cold weather preparation can help keep your palm trees growing strong, so you can enjoy them for years. Let our team help you in all weather and through any issues that you may have. Trust the Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms, we have decades of experience under our belts and are happy to help you with your palm tree concerns.

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