6 Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas

6 Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas

Design Your Palm Tree Oasis with Desert Empire Palms

With ideas from the Coachella Valley palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms, you can design your perfect palm tree focal point or desert mirage. It is easy to incorporate palm trees into various landscape designs, from playful and tropical to formal and grandiose.

Let our team of palm tree professionals at Desert Empire Palms help you determine what palm tree species will suit your needs, what design elements will compliment your palms, and how we can execute getting your palms in the ground.

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6 Palm Tree Design Ideas for Your Home or Office

  1. Palm Trees for Shade: Canopy palms are a great option for creating shade, reaching up to 20 feet in breadth. Be sure to spread the trees you plant for shade 12-15 feet apart, so they cover an arch of the ground with their shade. Plant palms of different heights to create a beautiful shade pattern.
  2. Palm Trees for Property Lines: Palm trees can be used to define property lines and create a division of space against or with fencing lines. This can be achieved with multiple-trunk or single trunk trees. You can also mix species and tree heights to create a more natural look that provides privacy and property division. If using the trees to divide spaces within your property, consider leaving gaps enough to be welcoming.
  3. Palm Trees as a Focal Point: Use tall, far-reaching trees for a dramatic, grand effect or smaller, striking species for spaces that don’t accommodate larger trees. Plant palms in clusters and utilize spotlight-style lighting to create grandeur. Choose trees with different leaf patterns to create an interesting landscape mirage. Designate formal or informal spaces using the different styles of palms, remembering straight trunk palms often signify formal spaces, while curved trunked palms can be playful and tropical.
  4. Palm Trees in a Themed Garden: Use palm trees mixed with a specific selection of plants to designate a themed garden. Utilize different palms from different regions to create a stunning image for all or part of your landscape.
  5. Palm Trees to Frame Your Entryway: Palms can frame a doorway, garage, driveway, pool, or patio. Use one on each side or gather two or more trees of the same height on opposing sides to create a frame, signifying the importance of what they frame.
  6. Palm Trees in the Pool: If your pool is lacking shade, medium or small palm trees can be planted on a raised island made of concrete. You can utilize turf, stones, or other ground covering to decorate the bottom of the palm island. Use your palm tree islands as spots to gather under or around and enjoy their tropical feel.

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Your landscape design has no limits when you call on the help of the palm tree professionals at Desert Empire Palms. We understand that palm trees can be a huge statement piece whether your location is small or can accommodate bigger palm tree varieties. Create the image that completes your landscape design style and enjoy the benefits of working with professionals like those on our team. With decades of experience growing palms in the Coachella Valley, you can count on the palm tree sellers at Desert Empire Palms.

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