Tips for Caring for Fan Palms in Summer

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There are three things to consider in caring for fan palms during the summer months: water, sun exposure, and nutrients. The palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms have decades of experience raising thriving palms in our climate, and we know the summer can be brutal for our plants here in the Coachella Valley. We understand that plant care can be temperamental, so we are happy to help you keep your fan palms happy all year round.

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Fan Palm Watering Tips During Summer Months

The most important thing to monitor and maintain for your fan palm is its watering schedule. Palm trees are a great choice for drought-tolerant landscapes, but they will need consistent, regular watering scheduled through summer to thrive. Established and new palms will do best planted in well-draining soil and watered through deep, slow watering with bubblers.

A topside watering system can help to supplement deep water distribution, with a hose and slow flow of water. Regular irrigation (4-5 times weekly) will help to prevent your palm from dying during the summer.

When temperatures reach above 100, water deeply and more often. You can check the moisture levels of your soil with a soil probe or utilize a shovel to test moisture at the 6 inches below the topsoil point.

Established palms will be more tolerant of less frequent watering, but the summer can take its toll on all plants in the Coachella Valley.

Stress signs due to lack of water include:

  • Slow growth
  • Browning of leaf tips
  • Wilted leaflets
  • Hollowed or collapsed trunk

Remember that overwatering is indicated by yellowing or brown, floppy leaves that fall off before dying. The balance of too little, just enough, and too much water depends on the consistency of watering and the drainage through the soil surrounding the roots.

Sunburn and Your Fan Palm

Although it is not as critical as a plant with water issues, there is a chance that your fan palm can become sunburned, especially when the plant is in its youth. Check for yellowing leaves that look white in some spots. These spots may indicate a burn pattern, as newer palms are not as acclimated to extended sun exposure.

To help prevent sunburn and acclimate your new fan palm to sun exposure, consider planting smaller palms in pots so that you can slowly move them into an area of long exposure, helping the plant slowly get used to full sun.

Nutrition During Summer’s Growth Period

Your palm tree will grow best with soil that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. They also can be prone to magnesium deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies can be indicated by an orange coloring on older palm fronds, while younger fronds may retain their darker green color.

Be sure that your palms are fertilized and getting enough nutrients, fertilizing through summer, using slow-release fertilizer so that the palms have time to absorb the nutrients. Because we recommend that they are planted in well-draining soil, this means your fan palm’s nutrients can often drain away with water.

Trust the Palm Growers at Desert Empire Palms

To add beautiful fan palms to your Coachella Valley landscape, visit the palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms. Our growers can help you find the perfect palm tree, deliver it to your home, and install it so you can enjoy your palm without the hassle of planting. Once installed, our team is happy to answer questions about care so that you can enjoy your palm tree for decades.

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