Are Medjool Dates Seasonal?

Are Medjool Dates Seasonal in the Coachella Valley? | Desert Empire Palms

The Medjool date, also known as the California date, is the most popular date variety. Many people are more familiar with dried dates, which can be found in the baking aisle of your supermarket year-round. However, fresh dates are not dried and are harvested from late summer to mid-autumn, technically making the Medjool date a seasonal fruit!

Harvesting Medjool Dates

Medjool Date harvesting season begins in late summer, with the dates beginning to ripen between late July and late September. Not all fruit ripens at once, but ripened dates must be harvested within 2-3 weeks of becoming ripe. Dates are ripened at their most plump on hot sunny days. As the old adage goes, 100 days over 100 degrees is the ideal time for the best fruit. Not a difficult accomplishment for dates in the Coachella Valley!

Medjool Dates in the Coachella Valley

You can find fresh dates during the harvest season in many farmers’ markets, however, because dates hold well while refrigerated or frozen, you can generally still find fresh dates in supermarket produce sections year-round, especially in Southern California where we claim the most date production it the country—over 90% of dates grown are grown here! Additionally, you have a date-producing Medjool date palm tree of your own, you can even harvest yourself during the season with adequate preparation.

Desert Empire Palms Sell Medjool Date Palm Trees

At Desert Empire Palms of Coachella Valley, we proudly sell the Medjool date palm for your landscaping needs and can help advise you on how to harvest fruit if you want to reap the benefits of owning a Medjool date palm. However, take note that it does take seven to eight years for a Medjool date palm to begin to bear fruits for harvesting. Additionally, you will want to decide if you want your Medjool date palm to produce fruit—since all fruit does not ripen at once, one tree can bear 200-300 pounds of dates a year!

Many people choose to maintain their date palm foliage yearly to prevent unwanted fruit growth. But, if you are interested in the labor of love required for harvesting, the Medjool date can provide quite the bounty come harvest season. The experts at Desert Empire Palms can inform you on all you need to know about Medjool Date Palms and the special fruit they provide.

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