Do Palm Trees Go Dormant in the Winter?

Do Palm Trees Go Dormant in the Winter?

Palm Tree Dormancy Explained

The short answer is Yes! There is a dormant period for palm trees. Palm Tree dormancy periods vary by climate, but they generally begin in the fall and continue through the winter months until the temperatures rise again. Their dormancy is triggered by a drop in temperature, lack of water, or lack of food, depending on the variety of the tree and their location or climate area.

Dormancy in palm trees is identified by a slowed growth rate or stopping growth altogether. Dormancy is a survival mechanism for palm trees, conserving their energy to survive through cold fronts, frosts, less sunshine, and depleted energy. Palm trees are expert survivalists, with their palm seeds being at the top of the list for evading death. Palm tree seeds can withstand inclement weather, cold, and lengthy “dormant” periods.

Winter Care Tips During Palm Tree Dormancy

Taking care of and protecting your palm trees during winter can help them be strong and stable for the coming spring. Their winter care needs will vary depending on how well they tolerate the cold weather and the major storms predicted for your area. Unexpected storms may change how you protect your plants, but with milder winters with little snow in the Coachella Valley, you should be able to use the tips below to keep your palm trees happy during their “long winter nap”.

  • Cut back on watering as temperatures drop to support the palm’s natural tendency to drink less while it goes dormant.
  • Use mulch to insulate soil and protect your tree’s roots, which is especially important for potted palms as they have less soil to insulate their roots.
  • For palms that need extra protection from the cold, you can shelter them using windbreaks or greenhouses. (Bring smaller potted palms into enclosed gardens, patios, or indoors.)

When Palm Trees Go Dormant in the Coachella Valley: The Long Winter Nap

At Desert Empire Palms, our Coachella Valley growers have decades of experience growing palm trees of various sizes and varieties. We have extensive knowledge of our Coachella Valley weather changes and can help you take care of your palm trees through their dormancy. Let us help you select your new palm trees with a smooth purchase, delivery, and installation process.

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