Fan Palm Care Tips from Desert Empire Palms

Fan Palm Care Tips from Desert Empire Palms

Tips and Care Advice for Fan Palm Growth in the Coachella Valley

If you are new to owning palm trees and want to ensure you are doing what is best for your new palm tree, our Coachella Valley palm tree growers can help! We have decades of experience growing a wide variety of palm trees and are happy to give our customers advice and care tips for any new tree. Your palm tree can live and thrive for decades with proper care, fertilizer, and attention.

Whether you purchased a fan palm or other variety, the Coachella Valley palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms can help you be confident your tree gets the nutrients, water, and care it needs to thrive. Call our team today to purchase your next palm, and remember, we can deliver it to you!

Care Tips for Your New Fan Palm Tree

Fan palms are a palm tree variety that requires minimal maintenance, differing from palms with towering, draping fronds reaching several yards wide. They have a moderate growth rate and are perfect for our Southern California climate, with a hardiness to heat and cold. They are drought tolerant and can easily fit into your water-wise landscaping design.

To give your new fan palm what it needs to grow healthy, strong, and beautiful, follow the tips below:

  • Palms are happiest in well-draining soil that is mineral rich, with a combo of clay, loam, and sand as the preferred soil for planting. This soil combination helps prevent root rot and allows for good distribution of water and fertilizer.
  • Develop a strong root base for your new fan palm tree by fertilizing three to four times each growth period (March through October) and watering deeply (36 inches deep) each watering cycle. Watering 4-5 times a week when temps are above 100 degrees can help trees from wilting, watering in the early morning or late evening when possible. In summer, regular watering is critical, while the soil can be allowed to dray a bit more during winter months when growth slows.
  • Fan palms do best with ample sunlight and plenty of space for the fans to grow and spread, with 6-8 hours of sunlight preferable. Full to partial shade is perfect, with shade in the hot afternoon sun a plus.
  • Fan palms require pruning annually for aesthetic appeal, and trimming should be scheduled for after all the stalks have appeared. This way your tree will look well cared for all year long.

Find the Perfect Fan Palm at Desert Empire Palms

The palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms have years of experience under our belts, giving us extensive knowledge of the best practices for palm tree growth. We understand that our customers want their new palm trees to grow well and we are happy to help answer your questions. The California Fan Palm and other fan palm varieties are wonderful additions to your Southern California landscape and will provide a majestic, tropical feel to your yard. Let our Coachella Valley palm tree sellers help you find the perfect palm tree for your landscape!

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