Canary Island Palms: What to Know About these Gorgeous Palms

Canary Island Palms: What to Know About these Gorgeous Palms

Canary Island Palms in the Coachella Valley

When it comes to palm trees, the Canary Island Date Palm is rare to find in nurseries due to its slow growth. However, the patience is worth it to earn the iconic status of Canary Island Palms’ gorgeous aesthetic integrated into your landscape design. At Desert Empire Palms, we are excited to offer these spectacular palms, making them an available landscape design option for you in the Coachella Valley—delivered right to your door.

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What is a Canary Island Palm Tree?

The Canary Island Date Palm Tree, also known as the Pineapple Palm, are very large palm trees native to the warm Canary Islands that made its way to North America during the palm tree boom in the 18th and 19th centuries, soon implanting itself as the “most regal” of palm tree varieties. Popular but rare palm trees due to their slow growth, these impressive, stunning plants are often used as focal points in decorative landscape design.

How to Grow and Care For Canary Island Date Palms

With patience, this slow-growing palm can grow up to 50-65 feet tall, occasionally far surpassing that height to upwards of 100 feet. However, it may take sixty years to reach its mature height. Maintenance of Canary Island Date Palms is relatively easy. Keeping them well-manicured allows visibility of their famous pineapple crown, and these feathery fronds can grow up to 18 feet long.

Growth and care for the Canary Island Palm requires moderate watering and well-draining soil but is still considered drought-tolerant. Similarly, these palms do well in full sun—not difficult to achieve once they reach their mature height—but can still thrive in partial shade. These adaptable palms make them easy to care for in the Southern California desert climate.

Landscaping Your Canary Island Palm Tree

Canary Island Palms are popular in landscaping due to their remarkable size and iconic appearance. These desirable trees are a true status symbol, regarded as a majestic, regal addition to your landscape design, and are one of the most prominent palms seen in Southern California. Easily identified by their crown, when properly pruned their fronds create a pineapple shape, deeming their alternately known name of the Pineapple Palm.

Canary Island Palms can be easily integrated into your landscaping design, with a few things in mind:

  • These palms like full sun but can thrive in partial shade, making them ideal to line walkways, driveways, or around pools and water features.
  • The dates produced by this palm are not very pleasant in taste – so don’t expect to utilize its fruit.
  • This palm flowers beautifully, with small, creamy white flowers blooming through the warm months.
  • These palms need a lot of space due to their size, as well as their root structure, which can grow up to 4.5 feet.
  • Despite height and root size, these palms perform well in containers as long as they are well-draining and fertilized properly.
  • These are low-maintenance, long-living palm trees that are considered a property investment.
  • Known as the elegant palm, the Canary Island Palms work best as a statement in your landscape design, setting off the architecture of your home or giving your business a high-end feel.

Desert Empire Palms: Your Premier Canary Island Palm Tree Supplier

As one of our many palm varieties, we are happy to answer your questions about the growth and maintenance of the Canary Island Palm Trees. Our growers and sales team have years of experience in cultivating healthy, thriving palms—let the team of Coachella Valley palm experts at Desert Empire Palms help you choose the perfect palm for your landscape design, advise how to transplant it, and will even deliver it right to you.

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