How to Know What Size Palm Tree to Purchase

How to Know What Size Palm Tree to Purchase

Add Palm Trees to Your Landscape Using Our Helpful Tips

Palm trees can bring a bit of grandeur and a tropical feel to any landscape, whether big and tall or short and small. Choosing the perfect palm tree for the look you are going for is exciting but also needs a bit of research. The palm growing experts at Desert Empire Palms can help you determine the best palm tree for your location, offering sales, delivery, and installation of your palm. Let our team help you create the ideal look for your home or business.

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5 Factors in Choosing the Right Size Palm Tree

Choosing the right size palm tree for your landscape is an important decision as healthy palms can live for decades and grow to great heights when well cared for. Selecting the right size palm will be based on five factors, and understanding these key points will set you up for success.

  1. Your growing zone. Palms grow best in specific “hardiness zones” that are designated by weather and elemental factors of different places. Certain palms will do well in your zone, while others may struggle to thrive. Make sure the palm trees you choose are cold hardy to the lowest average temperatures in your area so they withstand your area’s winter weather.
  2. Sunlight and site selection. Once you have researched the palms that will grow well in your “hardiness zone,” you will need to determine the sunlight needs for your palms. With sunlight needs in mind, you can choose the sites for planting, also considering the potential full-grown height of your palm and the sunlight it will receive when full-grown. Choose a site that will accommodate the palm as it grows, providing ample room to grow and getting enough sunlight.
  3. Palm height. Although a small palm tree looks great as you look out your window, if you choose the wrong variety, your view will eventually be of a massive trunk and no fronds. Make sure you choose a palm tree you can enjoy as it grows, even from inside your home.
  4. Canopy. Palm trees generally have two types of fronds: fan-shaped fronds and pinnate, or feather-shaped fronds. Knowing how big, far, and tall your palm’s canopy will reach can help you choose the ideal palm for its planting site. It is best to plant a palm that you know won’t be cramped, with an inability to expand the fronds fully in the site you choose. Cramped, tightly planted palms will look messy as their fronds grow.
  5. Maintenance. Some palm trees require more maintenance than others. Taller palms will require professional trimming and pruning, while shorter ones can be hand-pruned without professional help. Remember, palms will need specific fertilizing and watering, which is helpful to understand beforehand.

Desert Empire Palms: Your Coachella Valley Palm Experts

The Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms have decades of experience growing thriving, beautiful palms. We understand the needs of different palm varieties and can help you determine the size and variety of palm trees that will be best for your landscape. Our palm trees are grown with care and attention so that every palm we sell has the best chance to thrive.

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