Seasonal Tips for Palm Tree Care

Seasonal Tips for Palm Tree Care

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Palm trees are known for their strong, solid trunks and sweeping canopies, their hardiness, and the grand statement they make as part of your landscaping. Taking care of these majestic trees is part of your job as a palm tree owner, and each season requires something different. Most palms are not high maintenance, but it still helps to know a few tips for care for each weather condition.

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Spring Palm Tree Care Tips

Palm trees love food so fertilize your palms well in Spring with a slow-release fertilizer. This is also the time for planting and prepping soil for the year to come. Water newly planted trees deeply, twice a week for the first 2-3 months, and make sure that the newly planted palms are in soil rich in nutrients.

Summer Palm Tree Care Tips

Palms trees should be pruned in the early months of summer whenever possible, making sure to get all pruning done before fall. Water palms in the early morning during the summer months or late in the evening to prevent evaporation of water and the possibility of leaf burns. Watering mid-day or when the sun is high poses a risk of burning the leaves of your beautiful palm tree. You can apply a layer of mulch at the foot of your palms to retain water and keep their root system cooler. Fertilizing during summer is based on the variety of palms you choose, but it can be helpful as palms mature.

Fall Palm Tree Care Tips

Your palm tree’s final fertilization of the seasonal year should be in early fall to prevent new growth that could be damaged in winter. So if you fertilize in the fall, do it early in the year and then not again until Spring. Fall palm tree care is generally preparing for any harsh weather coming in the winter.

Winter Palm Tree Care Tips

Thoroughly water palms the day before an expected cold front to help insulate the palm tree’s roots. Add mulch to the base of your palm for insulation and warmth. Holiday lights can help keep your palm trees warm if there are cold days and weeks throughout the winter.

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