Identifying Fan Palms Versus Other Varieties

Identifying Fan Palms Versus Other Varieties

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Palm trees are known for their grand appearance, unique fronds, and tall trunks, but each palm tree has unique characteristics. From California and Mexican Fan Palms to Medjool Date Palms, choosing the tree that suits your landscape may come down to looks. Learn about the different characteristics of palm trees from the experts at Desert Empire Palms. Our team can help you identify varying palm trees and determine which variety works for your project.

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Identifying Palm Trees: Palm Fronds and Trunks

All palm trees contain fronds that are known for their unbranched stems with leaves on the end or each side of the frond.

Leaves shaped like an open fan are the distinguishing factor in identifying fan palm trees specifically. These types of palms are called palmate palms because of their leaf shape.

Palms that have feather-shaped fronds are called pinnate palms, and this variety includes date palms and queen palms. Each pinnate palm frond, or feather-shaped frond, is separate from the next, but still attach to one main stem.

The Chinese Palm, along with a few others, are in the category called costapalmate palms. These are a cross between a palmate and a pinnate palm. The leaflets on these varieties are joined together for part of their length but separate as they reach the mid to tip and run along one central costa (or stem) of the frond.

The California Fan Palm and Mexican Fan Palm are both known for their singular, slender trunk, which can grow up to 65 feet high. These trunks are topped by 9-12 palmate leaves and as these leaves become old and dry, they hang around their base creating a beard-like appearance.

Some palms have shorter, thicker trunks, while others have several trunks that are bunched like the Mediterranean Palm.

Date palms can often be identified by their trunks lined with pruned stubs of old leaf bases topped with their crown of feather-like fronds and floral spike branches.

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