Choosing the Right Palm Tree for Your Landscape

Choosing the Right Palm Tree for Your Landscape

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When designing a landscape for your front or backyard, it is important to consider several factors in the surrounding environment. This way, you can make the right choices for palms that will grow for years to come. Before you choose a palm tree, there are several questions to consider:

  • Will your palm tree be a focal point for your landscape?
  • Do you have space for a small, medium, or large tree once fully grown?
  • Does the planting site get full or partial sun or shade?
  • Is the palm tree going to be used as a windbreak or screen?
  • Are there overhead or underground utilities to consider?
  • Are there local water restrictions that may affect palm tree growth?

The Coachella Valley palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms can help you select the perfect palm for your landscape design, considering all factors. Let our team help you determine what works best for your design. We can deliver and install at your location, so all the bases are covered!

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Palm Tree Varieties for Every Design

Consider the palm tree varieties below when designing for privacy, shade, grandeur, or a pop of color.

Tall, narrow palms are a great option for lining walkways, driveways, pools, patios, or structural perimeters. Shorter palms in this scenario may encroach upon a walkway or grow into the pool or patio area. A line of palms adds grandeur and class to your landscape. Some palms that work well along a path or pool include:

  • Foxtail Palms
  • Sabal Palms
  • Windmill Palms

Low-growing palms can make fun, tropical privacy hedges instead of standard bushes, bamboo, or other plants. Privacy hedge palms may include:

  • Royal Palms
  • King Palms
  • Bamboo Palms
  • Areca Palms

For a pop of color among the green in your landscape, there are plenty of palms to choose from that have red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple coloring. Some palms have colorful stems while others bloom colorful flowers. If you are looking for a palm with a pop of color, choose from:

  • Lipstick Palms
  • Mexican Blue Fan Palms
  • Purple King Palms
  • Flame Thrower Palms

When choosing palm trees to shade parts of your yard, you have several options. Palms are a great choice for shade trees because they don’t drop leaves like many other trees and don’t make a mess when maintained properly (removing seed pods before they fall). Additionally, they don’t have invasive roots, so they are great for planting around pools or hardscapes without damaging the pavement, pipes, or structural integrity. Palm trees that are great for shade include:

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Once you determine the style of palm you like, where you will be planting, and what function it will serve, let our growers at Desert Empire Palms help you select the perfect one. We grow and sell a variety of palm trees, so we are sure to have what you are looking for. We can help you bring your palm tree vision to life.

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