What Weather Conditions Will a Palm Survive?

What Weather Conditions Will a Palm Survive?
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Climate Tips from the Palm Tree Experts at Desert Empire Palms

It is no surprise that palm trees thrive in tropical and subtropical conditions, where the sun is plentiful, and the weather is warm. But palm trees can also survive cold weather or harsher temps if they are well taken care of and prepared for the winter weather.

Let the experts at Coachella Valley’s Desert Empire Palms help you keep your palm trees healthy all year round. Our team provides thriving palms to be planted and cared for at your home or business location, and we are happy to help you keep them beautiful no matter the weather.

Call the palm tree growers you can count on for climate care tips at Desert Empire Palms in the Coachella Valley. We’re here to help our neighbors enjoy their palm trees for years to come.

Ideal Temperatures for Palm Tree Health

Palm trees are best grown and planted in climates between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and tropical or subtropical conditions. They prefer warm, sunny weather without harsh winds or extreme temperatures. This is especially true of younger, immature plants that may not withstand cold or harsh conditions.

For your palm tree to thrive, it will love to be in direct sunlight, with adequate water and proper drainage from the soil surrounding its roots. Keeping young trees healthy in a gentle climate can help them to better withstand the less-than-ideal months and extreme temps as they get older.

Colder Temperatures and Your Palm Trees

As temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, your palm tree may need some protection from the cold. Palms can be sensitive to any cold temps that fall below 45 degrees with real danger hitting the 32-degree mark. Their intolerance to the cold can be remedied by taking proper care of the health and microclimate of your palm trees.

Healthy, mature palms will better withstand the cold than their youthful counterparts, and fragile immature palms are not established enough to protect themselves. Older palms fare better due to their established, extensive root system and their thicker, stronger trunk.

You can help insulate your palms, increasing the temp of their microclimate, by planting shrubs, placing rocks, building fences, or mulching around the base of the tree. These barriers will protect the palm tree from harsh elements and help to keep it safe from cold weather conditions. An easy way to protect a smaller, younger palm is to plant it near and under a larger, established tree.

Protection from frost or even snow can be done with frost-spray or by covering your palm trees. You can use frost spray to coat the leaves of your palms while covering them with cloth, burlap, or even boxes that can protect the whole tree. If you choose to wrap your tree during a winter storm, be sure to unwarp it before the 5th day so as not to suffocate the tree.

The best protection for your tree is to mulch around the base of the tree. Mulch is helpful because it protects the root system of the palm tree, its most crucial component for survival. Without stable, healthy roots, a palm will not survive any harsh conditions.

Keep Your Palm Trees Safe All Year Round with Our Help!

Trust the experts at Desert Empire Palms with the health of your palm trees and you can be sure you have the knowledge and tools to keep them thriving throughout the year. Whether you are new to palm tree cultivation or have experience in landscape and plant care, our team can help you with any questions. We have grown palm trees in the Coachella Valley for decades and know how to protect our trees from harsh weather and dipping temps.

Contact our palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms to learn about protecting your palm tree from harsh weather in the Coachella Valley.