7 Steps to Planting a Field-Grown Palm Tree

7 Steps to Planting a Field-Grown Palm Tree

Desert Empire Palms Wants Your Palm Trees to Thrive

The Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms highly recommend allowing our professional palm tree installers to install your newly purchased field-grown palms. We understand the importance of proper preparation and planting your new palm trees and are happy to pass that crucial understanding on to our customers and neighbors in Coachella Valley. Follow our steps to planting field-grown palm trees and enjoy a healthy, successfully transplanted palm tree for decades.

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7 Steps to a Successful Transplant of Palm Trees

  1. Visit the installation site. Your landscape contractor should visit the site of palm tree installation to determine how the trees will be installed. Your contractor will note the site’s entry point, height clearance, overhead powerlines, underground utilities, and soil composition. This will help the contractor determine what equipment you will need at installation.
  2. Schedule equipment rentals. Your palm tree installation will likely require some equipment rental, including a crane or backhoe. Your contractor will let you know what equipment to expect or what to rent if they are not handling the rental.
  3. Prepare the site. With the notes from the site visit, the required holes and the site can be prepared. The hole sites should be checked for proper drainage and water-table levels. When necessary, the hole sites can be modified to prepare the soil.
  4. Dig the palm trees’ holes. Before your palm tree arrives on site, your landscape contractor will dig the holes. Your holes should be dug roughly twice the diameter of the root ball, providing space for backfill. The hole will not need to be dug any deeper despite needing room around its sides. All Desert Empire Palms’ trees arrive with a 3x3x3 root ball for easy digging and uniform transplant.
  5. Install your palm tree. Once your holes are dug, your trees will be lifted (by crane) and lowered into the holes. Watch with the other landscape staff to be sure your trees are installed straight and evenly into the holes. Once your alignment is approved, the holes will be backfilled and watered consecutively to ensure the roots are soaked.
  6. Install irrigation. If irrigation is needed, have it installed at the time of your landscape dig so that any deep root irrigation can be laid, or modifications can be done.
  7. Complete installation and clean-up. Any excess dirt can be spread or removed. Be sure to ask questions and to speak with your installers before finishing up. Learn about special care or any necessary follow-up for your palms.

Grow Thriving Palms in Coachella Valley

With proper installation and consistent care, you can be the proud owner of beautiful palm trees on your property in the Coachella Valley. Our team is happy to help you feel confident in your new purchase and how to take care of it. Let the Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms supply you with a gorgeous, thriving palm tree that suits your needs. Our growers, sales team members, and installers are here to provide you with the perfect palm tree for your landscape design.

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