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The Third Step in your Palm Tree Order.

Crane Service: Required For Most Orders

Crane service is required for almost all of our orders because the trees are far too heavy for people to lift. However, there are some exceptions. If you buy palm trees from Desert Empire Palms, each tree has a varying height that requires the assistance of machine installation. When purchasing a Date Palm Tree you will need to factor crane service for trees above 3’ tall. These are the shortest trees that require crane assistance. This is due to the massive root ball attached to the base of the trunk. Without a sufficient root ball the date palm will “shock” and its growth will be stunted.



Our 17 ton Crane is the perfect size to access narrow neighborhood streets. This crane is generally used for front yard installations.


Crane and Tree Sizes

For California Fan Palms crane service is required for all trees over 4’ tall. This palm tree is big like its date cousin, but requires a smaller root ball. Mexican Fan Palms are the tallest trees that we can move without using a crane. They can be moved at a height of up to 7’ tall without machinery. We have partnerships with local crane operators and work with other crane companies out of our local area.

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