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At Desert Empire Palms, you can count on finding beautiful, thriving date palms in various sizes and ages. Our Medjool Date Palms and Deglet Date Palms are grown with care and expertise, so you can be sure that your wholesale palm tree purchases will arrive to your customers looking strong and healthy. If you are looking for wholesale palm trees for your nursery, design inventory, or installation, our team can fill your order and supply the palms you need.

Contact the Coachella Valley date palm wholesale sales team to inquire about our available wholesale date palms and how we can help you with your inventory or design. Call our office today!

Wholesale Medjool Date Palms

Medjool date palms are hearty and fruitful palm trees that can bear dates 2-3 times a year if desired. These trees thrive in California and can exist in numerous landscape applications. Medjool palms are well known for their tropical appeal in residential and commercial designs. These trees are considered low maintenance and simply require a yearly trim to prevent dropping unwanted fruit.

The foliage of Medjool date palms stays green all year long, so they are considered evergreen monocots. Their leaves are typically 13-20 feet long, with approximately 150 “V” shaped leaflets that run down the stem.

Leaves on the Medjool palm grow into a large, thick canopy, much denser than the Deglet date palm. The canopy can reach 25 feet across on average. These trees are a great addition to your inventory, options that you present to clients during the design phase or during a predetermined installation.

Wholesale Deglet Date Palms

Deglet date palm trees are towering, grand trees that can reach 120 feet tall if properly cared for. They have a broad-reaching canopy that lends a tropical, exciting, and flowing focal point to any landscape. These trees will live a long life, up to 200 years, and their average height stands around 60-80 feet.

The trunk of the Deglet date palm is sturdy and thick at the base, with an 18–20-inch caliper. At the canopy, their leaves spread approximately 25 feet, with each frond growing to 15 feet long. These canopies differ from those of the Medjool date palm as they are airy, hanging, and much less dense. Their leaves are evergreen monocots meaning they will stay green year-round.

Male Deglet date palms are the more popular choice for planting and landscape application, as only female Deglets bear fruit. These trees give an elevated, elegant, and breezy feel to your landscape design.

Get Your Wholesale Date Palms at Desert Empire Palms

Whether you need wholesale date palms for your inventory, an existing landscape project, or an upcoming design application, Desert Empire Palms has got you covered. Our Coachella Valley palm tree experts can help you find the selections that will suit your needs and make your customers come back for more!

Call Desert Empire Palms to discuss how our Coachella Valley palm tree growers can help make your landscaping design come true. Desert Empire Palms grows, sells, and delivers wholesale palms for all applications.

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