Wholesale Fan Palms

Fan Palms Available for Wholesale at Desert Empire Palms

Desert Empire Palms is known for growing beautiful, thriving California and Mexican Fan Palms of various sizes. Our growers have worked and harvested palm tree varieties in the Coachella Valley for decades, and we are here to ensure that your customers get the palm trees they envision. Whether you are installing the trees, including them in your inventory, or they will be part of a project you oversee, Desert Empire Palms can provide you with the fan palms you need.

Contact the wholesale fan palm sellers at Desert Empire Palms for an excellent selection of fan palms grown and sold in the Coachella Valley. Whether you need one or several palms, we have the inventory to provide you with a perfect selection.

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Wholesale California Fan Palms

The California Fan Palm is the largest native fan palm in the United States’ and are found growing naturally in the Central Coachella Valley, Indio Hills Palms State Park, and Coachella Valley Preserve. This variety of palm tree is one of many landscape favorites for various applications, from residential to business landscape design.

California Fan Palms grow to heights of 49-66 feet, growing up to a foot and a half a year until maturity. Their fronds span 20-30 feet, with each frond measuring 11-13 feet. This span creates a frond crown at the top of the tree. Their trunks grow thick, sturdy, and relatively straight compared to other palms that curve. Their trunk base typically measures 2-4 feet in diameter.

These trees are hardy and can tolerate the extreme climate here in the Coachella Valley, although they do need adequate water to thrive. They grow best in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. This palm variety needs trimming and as they grow taller, trimming will require the help of professionals to remove old fronds and keep the tree looking healthy and beautiful.

Wholesale Mexican Fan Palms

Mexican Fan Palms are known for their resort look and how easy they grow, with a wide range of landscape opportunities. Although they are not naturally grown in the Coachella Valley area and are only native to a small region, they are one of the most commonly planted palm tree varieties. At Desert Empire Palms, you can find Mexican Fan Palms of sizes to suit any project or to be a great addition to your inventory.

These palm trees grow 40-50 feet tall, but some can occasionally reach heights of 70-100 feet, with growth rates of up to 2 feet per year. Their fronds reach a breadth of 12-15 feet and form a crown at the top of the palm. The trunk of the Mexican Fan Palm usually spans 2 feet in diameter, and they grow with an arching curve as it tapers up to the crown.

Mexican Fan Palms, like the California variety, are drought tolerant but do need adequate water with well-draining soil to do well. As they grow they will need professional trimming to remove old fronds, fruit, and flowers. These trees are a grand addition to your landscaping plans, your retail options, or other industry application.

Find Your Wholesale Fan Palms at Desert Empire Palms

Choose Desert Empire Palms for your wholesale fan palms, your Coachella Valley source for health, and beautiful palms of all sizes. Our growers have decades of experience cultivating palm trees of all varieties, so you can be confident that you will receive quality plants that are ready for your customers or clients.

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