10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Palm Tree Landscape Contractor

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Palm Tree Landscape Contractor

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Are you ready to bring palm trees into your landscape project but are not sure how to choose an installer? There are several questions to ask your installers before hiring anyone so that you know you are choosing a company you can trust to do the job well. At Desert Empire Palms, the Coachella Valley palm tree experts on our team are experienced growers, installers, and sellers, and we are here to help you feel confident in your decision to install a palm tree on your property.

Contact the Coachella Valley palm tree installers at Desert Empire Palms to discuss your questions about palm tree installation and growth. We are here to provide expert information and help you make an informed decision about your installation, so you have the best chance at growing a beautiful palm for years to come.

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10 Questions for Your Potential Palm Tree Installer

  1. Where are your palm trees sourced? Locally grown palm trees, like those grown at Desert Empire Palms in Coachella Valley, will be more acclimated to the weather in our area. Local growers and installers will be familiar with what is needed for your palm trees to thrive once installed.
  2. Who can I contact if there is a problem? Be sure to obtain the information for your company’s foreman, owner, installation manager, or whoever you need to contact if there is an issue during or after installation.
  3. What can I expect regarding the crew’s days and time on my property? Be sure to get a rough schedule of when to expect your installers and landscape crew to arrive and leave each day for the duration of your project.
  4. What maintenance is needed, and what services do you provide for my new palm tree(s)? Ask if your installer will perform the post-installation maintenance on your palm tree each year or if you need to find a separate maintenance company. In addition, request information on what kind of homeowner maintenance is required and when to schedule trimmings, etc. Your installer should be informative and helpful in making sure you know everything you need for your tree to do well.
  5. How often and how much should I water my palm tree? Your installer should be well versed in the watering requirements for your type of tree and your area.
  6. Is your installation company insured? Make sure that your installer has worker’s compensation insurance as well as any other contractor’s insurance required in case of an accident on your property. Ensure that your finances, home, and family are protected.
  7. Do you have references or a portfolio? Request photos of completed projects. Ask if they have Yelp or Google reviews. Request references from other palm tree installations. Do your homework!
  8. How long have you been in business? Ask the installer how long they have been working in the landscape installation business, specifically with palm trees. Palm tree installers should have experience and skills in the field of palm tree cultivation and installation.
  9. Do you install irrigation? If your palm tree is installed in an area where the is not yet irrigation installed, will your installer include irrigation in the installation process, and if so, what kind? Do they install underground/in-ground irrigation or above ground? Your irrigation should be installed and tailored to the needs of your palm tree. It should also be explained to you so that you know how to program your system or hand water as needed.
  10. What does your palm tree installation bid include? The bid should include palm tree cost, labor, disposal fees, irrigation (if applicable), installation, and pre-install preparation (if applicable).

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The Desert Empire Palms palm tree growers have been growing, selling, and installing palm trees in the Coachella Valley for decades. Our family-owned business takes pride in offering information, service, and products that you can count on. When you want a company that can answer your questions confidently and thoroughly and provide excellent service and installation, call our team.

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