Why Is My Fan Palm Turning Brown?

Why Is My Fan Palm Turning Brown

Tips from Your Local Coachella Valley Palm Tree Experts

Coachella Valley’s harsh weather conditions can seem daunting when trying to grow and maintain healthy plants, but palm trees are one variety that can flourish here. You can grow healthy, beautiful palms with the help of our palm tree professionals at Desert Empire Palms. We have decades of experience growing beautiful, thriving palms in the Coachella Valley and are happy to help when you have questions about your palm tree’s health.

When you are unsure about the cause of your fan palm turning brown or have other questions about fan palm health, call on the Coachella Valley palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms. We have the experience and knowledge to keep fans thriving or nurse them back to health.

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3 Factors That Affect Palm Tree Health

Three main environmental factors can affect the health and color of your fan palm:

  1. Water supply
  2. Exposure to sunlight
  3. Nutrients in the soil

The environmental conditions of water, light, and nutrients can make or break your palm tree’s flourishing health. By monitoring these factors and adjusting as needed, your palm tree will live a long, beautiful life. When your palm tree’s fronds turn brown, it indicates a health issue. Diagnosing the root cause can help you get your tree back on track.

Your Palm Tree’s Water Supply

The soil around your fan palm (6-12 inches below the surface) should be moist but not soggy or saturated. Check that your soil drains adequately to prevent “soaking” the roots to the point of wilting and rotting. Concerning water saturation, your palm’s roots should be firm and white to tan in color. Over-saturated roots may appear black, dark brown, soggy, and wilted.

Palm trees should be planted in sandy, well-filtering soil. When the palm roots are over-saturated due to excessive watering or standing water, the frond’s color will be affected. Their response to over watering will typically come after the roots turn, so regular inspection and water schedule adjustments are advised to reach the best watering amount and frequency.

Fan Palms and Exposure to Sunlight

If your fan palm is new to your location or still young, you will need to slowly expose it to direct sunlight to increase the light tolerance of the plant. As the palm grows, it should be able to tolerate and flourish with at least 4 hours of direct sun exposure daily.

If you notice that your palm fronds are burning and your palm can be moved (potted palms), you can move it to an area of your property that receives less light. If it is too large to relocate or planted in the ground, consider planting shade-producing trees nearby to reduce the direct sunlight exposure.

Your Soil’s Nutrients and Palm Tree’s Needs

Your palm tree will need to be planted in nutrient-dense, well-filtering soil. The balance of nutrient density and draining speed is an integral factor in your palm’s health. Regularly checking your soil for nutrient deficiencies can ensure that your palm thrives.

Nutrient-dense soil should include nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and baron. If your soil is older and potentially nutrient deficient, you can increase the nutrient count by applying palm tree fertilizers and nutritional additives.

Disease or Insect Attacks on Your Palm

Disease and insect attack are two causes of frond browning that may require professional help for diagnosis or treatment. Diseases such as Lethal Yellowing, Ganoderma Butt Rot, and Fusarium Wilt can cause different variations of browning or frond decay.

Insect infestation does not commonly cause browning, but a severe insect issue may cause your fronds to be nutrient deficient or cause delays in growth. Invasive Palm Weevils can cause existing leaves to yellow, new leaves to quickly wilt and die, and even browning to move from the crown down through the fronds.

Coachella Valley Palm Tree Health Solutions

For advice and knowledge that you can count on, the team at Desert Empire Palms is at your service. As long-standing Coachella Valley palm suppliers, we know how to keep a variety of palm trees thriving, despite our harsh climate. Please don’t wait until your palm fronds have all turned brown to give us a call. We are happy to help you with our expert advice and insight gained from years of experience.

Call the Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms to purchase a thriving palm tree and request delivery and installation or to speak with one of our growers when you need to troubleshoot an issue. We’re here to help you enjoy your fan palm trees for years to come.