6 Benefits of Buying Palm Trees Locally

6 Benefits of Buying Palm Trees Locally

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It is just as important to buy your trees and plants locally as your fruits and vegetables. Their health, growth, and impact on your existing landscape can all be affected by where and how your palms are grown. There are plenty of benefits to buying locally many of which are detailed below.

Choose Desert Empire Palms for palm trees backed by generations of experience and history growing thriving, beautiful palm trees. Our team of Coachella Valley palm tree growers has lived and worked here for decades, so we can assure you that our palms are grown with love and care.

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6 Reasons to Buy Your Trees Locally

Although big-name stores may offer deals that are hard to pass up, you have to think about the quality of their product and its history. Has your tree traveled for days before even landing at the store? Did it go through extreme weather changes as it was shipped? How are they taking care of it while they have it available for purchase?

When you buy locally from a reputable nursery like Desert Empire Palms, you know where your tree was grown and cared for. Read on to learn more reasons why it pays to buy locally.

  1. It helps to support the local economy. Buying local means your dollars go right back to your community and the nursery to continue its success in providing the best service and quality products.
  2. Local growers at privately-owned stores like ours are more likely to know the history of the trees, their individual needs based on tree variety, and the specific needs of trees in your area’s climate. They will be knowledgeable about your local weather, soil conditions, and soil nutrient needs or deficiencies, so they can help you choose the right tree for your design and help you give it the best chance for long life.
  3. Buying locally ensures that the quality of the plant is better maintained and acclimated to your local environment. This can benefit your landscape as the tree is less likely to go into shock or falter when transferred to your property. It also eliminates the risk of root damage or root rot during shipping or between stores.
  4. Locally grown palms have less risk of carrying foreign insects or diseases to your existing plants and trees, so your palm tree and its surrounding plants will be healthier.
  5. Smaller, local growers will often use higher quality soil, fertilizer, and watering systems for the trees they sell so they have the best foundation for their lifetime of growth. Chain stores will be less likely to take such care of the trees they sell as inventory changes and specials move plants in and out regularly and they do not have control over the plant’s origin.
  6. Local growers are well-known in their communities. Nursery reputations grow over time as a grower build business, either good or bad, so they will do everything they can to provide quality products and excellent service.

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Desert Empire Palms has been a local palm tree grower in the Coachella Valley for decades, providing thriving, beautiful palm tree varieties for many installations. Our growers take pride in their craft, ensuring that each of our palms is grown with attention and care. We are happy to give our customers the information they need to be successful in maintaining their palm trees for years to come.

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