When and How to Properly Trim Your Date Palm Trees

When and How to Properly Trim Your Date Palm Trees

Pruning Tips from Your Growers at Desert Empire Palms

Pruning date palm trees is an integral part of keeping your trees healthy, so learning the best practices can make all the difference. Most experts believe it is best to trim your date palms in late spring or early summer, from the end of May through June. Timing is important in pruning because date palms are fruit-bearing, so the longer you wait, the heavier the fronds will be.

If your date palms are too tall to trim on your own, it is the job of professionals to prune them. At Desert Empire Palms, we have palms of all sizes for purchase and delivery. Whether you purchase a tall palm or a new tree, we can help you make sure your trees are healthy so they have a great start at a long life.

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How to Prune Your Date Palm Trees

If it is time to prune your date palms, the first thing to consider is safety. Be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, and a helmet if you are pruning a taller tree that requires a ladder or bucket lift to prune.

Use an A-frame ladder for tall trees, not an extension ladder, as leaning a ladder against your tree can cause permanent damage to your tree’s trunk.

Make the first cut on the outside of the frond, which should cause the frond to drop. This cut should be above the spikes. The second cut will be to remove the petiole stubs and spikes. Be careful as they will be very sharp. Cut the dead fronds using clean pruners or a clean pruning saw. Each cut should be ½ to 1 inch from the trunk, avoiding cutting fronds with less than 60 percent yellowing.

Be cautious not to over-trim as it can damage or injure your palm. As a good rule of thumb, trim branches hanging below the 9 and 3 on a clock face. At this angle, the palms should be ready to be removed. As you prune, make clean and straight cuts for the tree’s best chance at healing quickly and smoothly.

Once you trim the fronds away from the trunk, you should also be able to pull loose petioles from the tree. If they do not break free easily, leave them on the tree.

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If you are unsure about pruning your tree or need more information about how date palms should be cared for, you can call the experts at Desert Empire Palms in the Coachella Valley. Our growers have decades of experience, and we are happy to help our customers enjoy palms for years to come.

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