Palm Tree Pest Prevention

Palm Tree Pest Prevention: How to Keep the Pests and Rodents Away

How to Keep the Pests and Rodents Away

Palm rats are a significant problem for palms in the Southern California landscape, especially because we are so fond of using palm trees in much of our residential and commercial landscaping. These pests can damage your palms, tear up wires, and get into your home or office’s insulation as well as contaminate your food supply.

Although insects and spiders can be kept at bay with pesticides, rodents require a different approach. With decades of experience under our belts here at Desert Empire Palms, we know the tips and tricks that can help prevent your palms from becoming overrun with rodents. With our help, you can prevent unwanted pests and keep your palms looking beautiful for years to come.

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Landscaping Tricks to Prevent Pests

There are several natural ways to help prevent rodents from making your palms their home if you plan, keep your landscape clean, and plant wisely.

  1. When planting, space your trees widely enough to limit movement between tree crowns.
  2. Prune your palm trees regularly to make it more difficult for palm rats to use the trees as hiding places. Pruning also helps to limit movement from tree to tree.
  3. Remove sources of food from near the trees. Don’t leave bird feeders near your palms, feed other outdoor critters, and remember to keep pet food covered or inaccessible to rodents.
  4. Clean up pet feces, as palm rats can and will eat droppings if they can’t access other food.

Palm Tree Pest and Disease Prevention

Palm weevils are one of the biggest concerns in palm tree pest prevention. As the weevils go through their life cycle, the female lays eggs, once they hatch into larvae or grubs, these larvae feed on the palm tree. The weevil feeding stage can make the palm unable to grow new palm fronds. Their infestation can cause the existing fronds to drop, turn brown, and eventually fully collapse. Palm weevils must be kept at bay with pesticide treatment, applied by your local pest control company or professional palm tree experts.

Diseases are best treated at the start, by getting your palm tree from a reputable grower who pays close attention to the spread of foreign pests and diseases. If you notice any signs of distress with your palm trees, call your local arborist to discuss prevention and the next steps in treatment so that diseases or pests do not spread to your entire landscape.

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