The Best Plants for Planting Around Your Palm Tree

The Best Plants for Planting Around Your Palm Tree

Coachella Valley Palm Tree Landscape Ideas from Desert Empire Palms

Your landscape is an integral part of what makes your home unique, from the trees and the plants to the design of your walkways. At Desert Empire Palms in the Coachella Valley, we take pride in helping our customers create the perfect landscape to complete their vision. This includes offering ideas to help bring your palm trees into focus as a centerpiece or as frames for other pieces.

When you want to take your landscape to a new level, call the Coachella Valley palm tree growers with decades of experience growing palms and the legacy of our family in the business.

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4 Plants That Will Compliment Your Palm Tree Landscaping

Many plants will look beautiful in accompaniment to your palm tree, but some create a balance that cannot be denied. The plants listed below can be great additions to your landscape or garden.

  1. Vines like Jasmine are fragrant and beautiful plants to plant below your palm tree. They can be grown as ground cover or trained to climb up the trunk of your palm. You can encourage them to climb with the help of twine then they will creep up and grow beautifully around your palm.
  2. Birds of Paradise offer pollination boosts and ground cover around your palm tree. These plants are flexible with their soil needs but can grow a good-sized root ball spanning 1-2 feet, so be sure to plant with enough room to not infringe on other plants.
  3. Bougainvillea plants are a vibrant, colorful choice. They are drought tolerant, compatible with many soil types, and will maximize sunlight capture. They can even help to increase water retention.
  4. For a different look, you can include Aloe in your landscaping. Aloe is perfect for drier climates like those in the Coachella Valley and is a great choice beneath or between your palms, where they may not get as much water.

4 Things to Consider Before Plants Beneath Your Palm

Before you choose the plants to plant alongside your new palm tree, there are a few things you will need to consider and keep in mind. To ensure your new plants have the best chance of survival and growth, be sure to consider the following 4 things:

  1. Shade. Your new plants will need to be tolerant of the shade your palm tree provides. Depending on the type of palm tree that you choose, it will cast more or less shade from its canopy and fronds.
  2. Water. Remember that you will need to water more often when there are plants below your palm tree because the water will absorb faster, and palms need a good amount of water when the soil drains properly. Plant what will coincide with these water requirements without compromising the root systems.
  3. Nutrients. The main nutrients needed by your palm tree include nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium. Any plants that are planted beneath your palm may be at risk of being nutrient deficient, as your palm may steal these from the smaller plants, especially if the soil is lacking. Be sure to replace nutrients using a palm fertilizer to ensure there are enough to go around.
  4. Climate. Choose plants that will be able to tolerate the same climate conditions as your palm tree.

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