When Is the Best Time to Plant a New Palm Tree?

When Is the Best Time to Plant a New Palm Tree?
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Palm Tree Planting Tips from Desert Empire Palms

For many trees and decorative shrubs, the advice is to plant in the fall so that they can establish their roots before the hot summer months, but the opposite is true of the palm tree! Palm trees are tropical plants, so their needs are different than that of many other common trees and plants in landscaping. Purchasing a new palm tree is exciting, and you want to be sure you plant it at the right time so it has the best chance of survival.

Let the palm tree experts at Desert Empire Palms help you find the perfect palm trees for your landscaping project. We are here to help you create an oasis that you enjoy for years to come.

Call us today to discuss what you are looking for and learn about the palm trees we have available.

Protecting Your New Palm Tree from Cold Winter Months

Because palm trees are tropical plants and if they are planted at the wrong time, they can be susceptible to damage when exposed to the winter drop in temperature. The best time of year to plant palm trees is late spring or early summer when soil temperatures will be on the rise. This allows for 5-6 months of growth and establishment before the coldest months. Palms establish at their full potential in warm soil, so timing is a crucial component in planting.

The first winter is the most stressful period for a new palm tree, somewhat due to potential root growth slowing when temperatures drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.) Palms need time to establish a stable root system to survive.)

As the weather shifts and rains start, it is crucial to protect your young palm roots from the cold damage. The cold weather brings with it infections, and if the soil is too wet and cold, the roots will be more vulnerable to pathogens. Therefore, it is so important to plant your palm trees with enough time to become established before the coldest months of their first winter.

Most new, young palms need slow exposure to full sun, so keep that in mind during planting. You can slowly work up to 6-8 hours of sun daily for your new palm. As it grows, it will flourish, become strong, and will endure winter easier with each passing year.

Planting your palm tree in spring or early summer can help to ensure that it has the best chance to get a strong start. With the best start, it will set the tone for years of healthy living and beautiful growth.

Find Thriving Palms at Desert Empire Palms

At Desert Empire Palms, we care about the future of the palms we sell. We put decades of experience and care for the palm tree species into each palm that we grow and sell, and we are happy to give our customers all the help they need to ensure the health of their palms once they leave our nursery. Let us supply you with the palm trees that will make your landscape complete. Our Coachella Valley palm tree growers provide healthy palms of a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

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