Wholesale Palms for Sale

Coachella Valley Wholesale Palm Trees

The Coachella Valley palm tree growers at Desert Empire Palms offer a wide variety of palm trees for wholesale, from date palms to fan palms and more. Our team of expert growers has been cultivating, growing, and selling palm trees in the Coachella Valley for decades. We have experience with a variety of palms and can help you increase your inventory, perfect your landscape design, and complete your residential or occupational application.

Contact Desert Empire Palms to learn about palm trees that are available and schedule your purchase, delivery, and installation.

Why Choose Desert Empire Palms for Your Wholesale Palm Trees

Desert Empire Palms boasts a family legacy in the palm tree business, with palm trees at the center of the family business; we are proud to provide trees for wholesale purchase in the Coachella Valley. We dedicate our careers to upholding the promise of our great-grandfather to take proper care of and encourage every tree to thrive.

As Desert Empire Palms has grown as a company in the Coachella Valley, our knowledge about palm tree cultivation evolved, and our ability to care for them has increased. We take pride in our ability to develop solid practices that help us grow thriving, beautiful palms that will last for years. These trees are a visual and tangible representation of the hard work our family continues to put forth in the palm tree-growing community.

Wholesale Palm Trees for Sale in the Coachella Valley

For a wide selection of wholesale palm trees, call Desert Empire Palms to fulfill your orders, no matter the size. Whatever the wholesale application, we have palm trees to suit your needs.

Our wholesale palm tree varieties include:

  • Fan Palms
  • Date Palms
  • Medjool Date Palms
  • Deglet Date Palms
  • California Fan Palms
  • Mexican Fan Palms
  • Canary Island Palms

When you need beautiful, healthy palm trees at wholesale prices, call on the team at Desert Empire Palms. You can trust us to supply beautiful palms for any number of wholesale needs.

Contact the Coachella Valley palm tree professionals at Desert Empire Palms to hear what we have to offer in wholesale palm tree selling, delivery, and installation.

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